Jutta Weber is our CDS visiting professor in 2018

Jutta Weber is an internationally recognised STS scholar, philosopher of technology, and professor of media studies at the University of Paderborn. In summer 2018 she will be the first CDS visiting professor, and will teach the Second Semester CDS course Ways of Knowing and Meaning: Game Changer? On the Epistemology, Ontology, and Politics of Drones, topics of her current research. She will focus on computational technoscience culture(s), asking how and for whom the human and non-human actors work. Jutta Weber has worked in such diverse disciplines as philosophy, computer science, cultural studies, gender studies, and several others. She has been visiting professor at other universities including Uppsala (Sweden), Vienna (Austria), and Twente (The Netherlands).
On May 3 and 4 and on May 9 and 11, Jutta Weber will offer her lectrure on Game Changer? On the Epistemology, Ontology, and Politics of Drones.
Remote-controlled drones are not only used today as toys, flying cameras, or for pizza deliveries, but also to hoover up data and kill so-called counter-insurgents. High-tech companies are seeking to revolutionise transportation with them or are working on the dream (or nightmare) of making the all-seeing, mobile eye a reality. Drones distribute poems in the sky, redesign advertisements or work as selfie-drones. Their outlines are painted on pavements as a warning, but above all they are deployed as ubiquitous weapons in the fight against terrorism. In war they are frequently considered “the only game in town”. But what makes the drone a “game changer”? How is the code / space of drones configured and what does the new technology of drones mean not only for the reconfiguration of war, but for everyday life? Jutta Weber will examine these questions in more detail in class, a live drone flight is planned during the course.