Harald Katzmair of FASresearch introduces CDS students to current developments in network dynamics and the behaviour of complex systems with his course Introduction to Communication and Cooperation Strategies. He is social scientist and philosopher, and the founder and director of FASresearch, a social network analytics and strategies firm located in Vienna and Europe. Over the last twenty years, Harald Katzmair has developed a unique and proprietary set of tools and technologies to empower decision makers in the areas of social network dynamics, robust decision making, storytelling, stakeholder engagement, and participatory impact analysis as well as innovation and resilience. His visionary understanding of networks has helped Fortune 500 clients as well as leading non-profit organisations to reach their goals. Together with his team he understands the patterns of interrelations and influence and turns market and organizational data into network maps, and maps into strategy.

Through a unique mapping technique, FASresearch systematically identifies crucial success factors for the achievement of a client’s specific objectives, and locates key players and relevant stakeholders in the fields of economy, politics, and society. As its vice-president, Harald Katzmair supports the foundation “Nein zu Krank und Arm” in its endeavour to overcome illness and poverty in Austria; he is a member of the supervisory board of the FWF – Austrian Science Fund; and the founder and host of the Salon of Pioneers.