Katharina Gsöllpointner is a media and art theoretician with a focus on the crossover of media aesthetics, digital technologies, and the cybernetics of art, and a passion for inter, trans, and cross-disciplinary working. She introduces CDS students to artistic strategies with an academic approach in her First Semester course Introduction to Artistic Strategies. She holds a PhD in communication and media studies and has taught media and art theory at universities in Austria, Germany, and Hungary. With her habilitation thesis Intermedia Production and Multimodal Perception: On the Aesthetics of Digital Art (2015), she formulated a media theory of digital art as an aesthetic model for the multimodality of perception. Besides working as a researcher at the Department of Digital Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, since 2017 she is also a staff member of the new Department of Cross-Disciplinary Strategies.

Katharina Gsöllpointner has conceived, led, and carried out a series of inter and transdisciplinary research projects on issues of media aesthetics and media arts, including AESTHETIC KNOW-HOW: Language – Technology – Media (2007–2009) and Digital Synesthesia (2013–2016). From 1991 to 1995 she was the manager of the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz where, together with Peter Weibel, she worked on festival editions such as Artificial Life – Genetic Art (1993) and Welcome to the Wired World (1995).