Kristina Pia



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Kristina Pia Hofer contributes to the CDS curriculum the First Semester course Introduction to Methods of Working Academically (analogue and digital). Her main areas of interest are audiovisuality in film and video, artworks and artists testing the boundaries between (art) markets and popular, do-it-yourself culture, “cult” genres, queer and feminist theory, and the materiality of sound. She holds MA degrees in sociology (Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria) and English and American Literature (National Central University Chungli, Taiwan R.O.C.), and a PhD in Media Theory (University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria). Before joining the faculty of the University of Applied Arts, she was a member of the Institute for Women’s and Gender Studies (IFG) at Johannes Kepler University. In Linz she conducted research on media-genealogic discourses on pornographic images, and helped to implement an introductory gender studies curriculum in various social science and cultural studies programmes. In addition to teaching the CDS curriculum, she also lectures at the Department of Media Theory at the University of Applied Arts, and holds a post-doc research position at the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) supported project A Matter of Historicity: Material Practices in Audiovisual Art, based at the Department of Art History. She has published on amateur pornography, exploitation/trash film, film sound, and new (feminist) materialisms in the journals Porn Studies, Sexualities, Open Gender Journal (OGJ), TransatlanticaRevue d’études américaines, as well as other journals and edited volumes. As Ana Threat and The Boiler, she records and performs lo-fi hypno pop music.